.it's all clear now.

Now when I have had my new camera for a while, I can tell you some differences between my new (Canon eos 60D) and my old camera (Canon eos 450D).
For me the biggest change has been the size. My old camera weighed 475g +lens 405g and the new one is 755g +lens. I've already got my wrists hurt, but still I think that bigger size is a good thing. My hands aren't enourmously big, but still 450D was little bit too small and light for me. I couldn't really have a proper grab from it and sometimes my pictures were blurry 'cause of that.
It might get annoying to carry this over 1kg camera on your neck all the time, but at least you'll gain some muscles ;)
The normal settings are very similar in both of the cameras, which wasn't a suprise since they both are Canons. But there is much more settings in the new one - biggest change is video, which I'm not so interested in, but still I'm going to learn it! And of course quality of the pictures is much better and there is wider variety in different settings for example ISO-sensitivity is now up to 12 800.
Canon 60D is also much faster than 450D, I even bought a new, faster memory card for it! This is a thing that I'm very glad about, 'cause I'm shooting a lot in different kind of events where speed is important.
I bought my camera from Anttila and it cost 1100 euros with Canon 18-55 lens. (The lens is for my sister 'cause she bought my old camera and didn't have any lenses.) I'm paying little under 100 euros per month so after 11 months the camera will officially be mine!
I don't think that the camera was so expensive,'cause I'll use it so much and I'm not buying new one for a while. For me it's really important that I have bought the camera by myself, 'cause then I think I can appreciate it a lot better.

PS. In pictures you can see my old and the new camera. And I want you to remember that this is written by my own experience so you can disagree if you want :)

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