.my new lover.

WHIPPEEE! As you can see mu new camera came today! My dad got textmessage at midday, but didn't told about it to me. So when he came home at 7 o'clock it was total suprise for me that he had my camera - since it wasn't supposed to be here till Tuesday.

But now starts my life as a poor person, 'cause I have to pay some money from the camera once a month, so after an year it will officially be my!

I'll tell you more about it when I'm used to use it, haha. Wish me luck for my first real photographing job, which I'm having tomorrow! Oh I'm so nervous, that I'm not sure if can sleep...


  1. me likey! u know why ;) ja tsemppiä huomisiin kuvauksiin hyvin se menee!

  2. Kiitti kiitti! Mulla on sit molemmat kamerat mukana päivällä, jos sen uuden kaa on vaikeuksia, ettet ihmettele jos ehti ennen mua kotiin

  3. oon nii kateelline:o mut jee onnee kuvauksii kyl sä osaat::)!

  4. hihi, toi on kyl ihana! (:: kiitos kiitos, kyl se ihan ok kai meni. Odottelen just, että saan kuvat siirrettyä


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