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There's little sneak peak for you from my job that I had on Friday 17.2.2012. I made almost 2000 photos and some of them are still waiting for editing, so I decided to post this in three parts. In this part I'm telling you about the job and then in couple next one you'll see more about the pictures.

So I was filming our school's traditional second year student's dance ball. One girl who was planning the ball asked me to make pictures in there since she knew I'm photographing a lot - and as you can see I said yes! I was so happy about that I got my first job (even I wasn't paid to do these).

My day started at 9.15 when Siiri (other photographer) and I made the studio ready for the pare's pictures and I think it was 10.30 when they started dancing. At first I was filming at our school's gym class for an hour, when students were dancing for secondary school's students.
Somehow I got my memorycard out of my camera when I was making the photos so half of them disappeared. But otherwise first round went well.

After first show we started making the studio pictures. In the studio I was taking the pictures and Siiri made the paperworks. It was little challenging for me when girls were wearing big dresses and our studio's background is quite small and ripped already. I just hope that the pictures were fine after all that work.
I didn't really have the time to go eat, but luckily I was prepared for that and I had my lunch with me. It was also hot in the studio 'cause of the lights, so I was happy I had some coca cola with me.

After studio the second show started at one o'clock and lasted about an hour also. This time we had our high school's students for an audience. Most of them had already left home, which was nice 'cause then I had more space to move. I didn't have any problems on second show and I also made some quite nice photos.

This job just made my dreams more clear - photographing is the job I want to do when I'm grownup. But it also showed me that I have lot of job left and I really have to practice more. And now I have at least some knowledge what this job would include and it is not only that when you go there and make the pictures - you also have lot of job after it when you are editing the pictures.

I was also very stressed about this job, 'cause I was scared if I'll mess it all up, then all the dancers would be so mad. Well I still don't know how they liked the pictures but at least I like them and I made my best. I hope I'll have this kind of opportunities also later on!


  1. Vitsi kuulostaa kyl hyvältä!
    Iteki oisin ihan mielellää ollu vanhoja kuvaamassa silloin aikanaan ku itel oli vanhat :-)

  2. Kieltämättä oli kyllä ihan huippua! Ja jos päätän täällä lukiossa pysyä, niin edessä pitäis olla vielä ainakin kahdet vanhat, sillä meen nelivuotisena ja tää oli vasta eka kerta ;D

  3. Anonymous2/22/2012

    ihania kuvia! ja btw valokuvien ottaminen ei oo make photographs, vaan you take photos :))

  4. Kiitos kehuista ja korjauksesta! Ollaan aina käytetty tota vaihtarikaverin kanssa, joten hyvä tietää oikeet sanat, ennen kuin juurtuu liikaa ;)


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