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Here I'm 8 years
Well I could tell you some basic info about myself, but I don't want this blog to be too personal so don't expect too much :D Oh, and notice that I have put some music in this post so you can know what kind of music I'm listening. And all the photos are supposed to tell you how I am :D

So I'm almost (after 12 days) 17-year-old girl from Tampere, Finland and at the moment I'm studying in art high school here in my hometown. Past couple months I have been very exited all the time, 'cause my biggest dream is going to come true in this autumn, when I'm leaving to England to be an exchange student (you can read more about it in my other blog :)).

13 years
My personality is quite weird and even I don't really understand it. I have always been happy, smiling and cheerful person, but when I got older I started to be more wistful. And nowadays I'm always something between annoyingly happy and sad. It's annoying that you can't know what you are going to be on a next morning :D

I'm very stuck on my routines and I get haunted if I have to break them. For example I always have to know at least a day before if I'm going to sleep somewhere else and I always eat the same breakfast. Also I'm a big couch potato 'cause I always use my computer in our livingroom. It would be stupid to do it alone in my room I think!

Still 13 :D

Hmm... What else? Well my favourite activities on my free time are photographing, photo editing, knitting (but I can't really do it so much nowadays, 'cause my wrists are in so bad condition - well maybe next winter!), hanging out with people, biking and baking. And if I could have one perfect day in my life it would keep all those in it :)

And now to your questions!

How long have you been editing pictures and making an effort for it?
I started editing pictures when I was twelve, so almost five years now. But at the time I haven't started photographing yet, so it wasn't so "pro" yet.
I started to put an effort for little under an year ago. So I'm not so talented in it yet, but I do believe that I will learn!

Your dream job and/or postgraduate study place?
Well of course my dream job would be a photographer, but I'm not sure yet what kind of photographer I would like to be. Maybe it would be shootin' some happenings like weddings and concerts or some kind of studio things. I used to think that I don't want to film for papers, but it would be good second job. And well you have to have money from somewhere also :/

I haven't make research enough to say what's my dream place to study after high school. Parsons would be cool, but it's in New York and I don't want to live in US - I would like to study somewhere in UK... But I'm not going to stay in Finland forever that's for sure!

In this one I'm 14

In what time of a day you feel yourself the most beautiful?
Hmm.. Maybe on mornings when I have just finished my makeup or in evenings when I have just washed it off.

Do you think that you are beautiful?
I don't think that I'm beautiful - pretty maybe, I don't know. I depends who am I with :)And that doesn't mean that I feel beautiful when I'm with "ugly" person, more like when I'm with someone who I know that she/he doesn't care how I look.

End of a middleschool
Last summer
Three adjective that you would use to describe your style?
Boring, down-to-earth-colors and baggy :D

When did you start taking pictures?
Almost two years ago - so I'm very much a starter with all these things :)

Last autumn
From Wednesday
How did you come up with the idea of photographing?
My friends had got systems cameras and I tried them and then I fell in love :D I have always been artistic person and photographing seemed to be a natural next step and challenge for me, but then it grew out to be a passion for me.

Are you studying something?
Yes, at the moment I'm in art high school :)

If you still want to know something more or I said something in a weird way, just ask in my commentbox :)
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  1. Viimeinen kuva, wau tossa on sitä jotain!

  2. Haha, valo sattu oleen aika edullinen ja väärät värilämpötila-asetukset kamerassa sai aikaan 60-luvun tyylin tähän kuvaan. Mutta eikö tossa ekassa vasta sitä jotain olekin? ;)

  3. haluun tollasen ihme nallepuvun niiku tossa yhessä kuvassa! :---D

  4. Haha ne oli kyl ihania! Mentiin yläasteella aina ystävänpäivänä ja sydänviikolla halaileen ihmisiä nallepuvuissa - eli en siis hengaillu tollon muuten vaan siinä :D

  5. oh, thank you so so much :-)
    It was very nice comment :-)

  6. No worries! It's always nice to make someone smile :)


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