Anteeks änkytys ynnä muu ärsyttävä, mitä harrastan puhuessani!
Ja tokan videon lopussa olin sanomassa, että jos jäi vie jotain kysyttävää nii kysykää ihmeessä :-)

Is it fun to have a blog?
Why else would I have this? :-D

Do you have any piercings?
4 earings

Are you more like a city person or do you prefer the countryside more?
I've always lived in city, so more like a city person

Do you cry a lot?
Not more than 'normal' people :-)

How did you end up writing a blog?
I think this is a great way to share my photos, so it felt natural

What is our hobby?
Photography, editing pictures and blogging

What is your horoscope?

Are you a social or a quiet person?
More like a social

Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse?
Donald Duck - Mickey is annoying.

What are you wearing now?
Look from the video :-)

With what kind of persons do you get along well?
With people who have same kind of humor and who are trustful.

What is your favorite flower?

What is your favorite season?
Autumn, 'cause of the colours.

Do you have any pets?
No :-(

Which tv-series are you following?
The Big Bang Theory and the Pretty Little Liars

Do you have any sisters or brothers? Are they younger or older than you?
Older sister Veera who is 20 years old.

Do you like photographing and what camera do you have?
Of course! And I have a Canon EOS 60D

Have you ever dyed your hair?
As you can see, yes :-D

Do you have glasses or contact lenses?
Yes, I have glasses.

The best ice cream flavour?
Pearon, all nuts, mango and chocolate

Do you hate tv-commercials?
No, I don't

Are you allergic to anything?

For how long have you been interested in photography?
Since Autumn 2009

What kind of camera did you had when you started?
I didn't have camera back then, but at Summer 2010 I bought my first camera which was Canon EOS 450D

how much have you spent for camera equipment?
Over 3000 euros :S

Which schools did you applied for?
At 2011 I applied to couple local high schools and now I applied to study photography here in Finland.

Favourite color?
Orange, as somebody already guessed in my blog :-D

Why you want to spend your exchange year in England?
'Cause I wanted to see what is the culture there really about and also I love accent in there!

Have you visited England before?
No :-(

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Photgrapher, of course!

Do you read any foreign blogs?
Only this one:

Have you always lived in Tampere?

Do you still dream some other lens than the ones you already have?
I'd like to have 85mm 1.4 or 1.8 and 30mm 1.4

What program do you use when you edit your pictures?
You can find it from end of my site :-)

Why did you start taking pictures?
'Cause it felt to be the natural way for me to make art, unlike painting or drawing.

What seven things would you want to experience or do before you die?
1. Exhange year
2. Voluntarywork
3. To be a Photographer
4. Visit 20 more countries
5. Be a backpacker with a camera
6. Be in a hot air balloon
7. Take a perfect picture

What is your favourite clothe?
Flanellshirts, jeans in the video, orange dress with a polka dots and oversized jumpers

Are you spontaneous or do you always think things through before doing something?
I always think everything through.

What would be the loveliest thing that could happen to you at the moment or in the near future?
If some would give me a Canon EOS 5D or 1D :-DD

What is your favorite wild animal and why?
Tiger, 'came it's pretty

Is photofiltre a good editing program?
It's fine...

The best places where you've taken pictures in Finland and abroad?
Area near my home, Hervanta's ski jumping tower and Barcelona

The best models or who you like to shoot or use as a model?
Everyone who I usually use as model and also I like to use old people as my target ;-)

Was is hard for you to decide the layout of you blog? Make headers and link?
This one was was easy, but I don't know what to do as next.

What model do you use in your blogs layout?
Not sure... simple? I've edited the HTML-code so much that it doesn't look like any of those :-D

What lenses do you have?
You can find all of them from the end of my blog :-)

How old are you?
I'm 17.

What kind of persons irritates you the most?
Who don't know nothing about joking and persons who don't have passion. And also if someone is all the time just speaking about themselves.

Do you believe in god?
Not really :-D

Where do you live?
In Tampere, Finland.

What is your natural hair colour?
Grey :-D

What color did you used when you dyed them?
I'm sorry but I can't remember! But it was something that made my hair really orange at first and after couple wash it was good :-D

How much it costs to blog you hair at hairdresser?
Not sure... It was something over 100 when I dyed and I had really short hair when I made it.


  1. Ei vitsi, tosi kivat videot :) Oot ihan älyttömän sulonen :D

  2. Kristi: Haha kiitti! :-D Omasta mielestäni oon nois kyl supervammane, mut ainaki realistinen kuva musta!

  3. mistä sellasen koodin saa,millä voi muokata tätä ulkoasua sillee erilaiseks ? :D tykkään bloggailla iha hirveesti mut oman blogin ulkoasu on jokapäiväinen riesa :s

  4. http://bloggeriniksitjavinkit.blogspot.fi/
    Kannattaa lueskella tota blogia ni löytyy apuja kysymyksees :-) jos jtn juttuja ei oo tuolla, ni kannattaa googlailla myös


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